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Eddies was dreamed up and eventually opened by Stacie Ballweg and Wendy McDowell, two headstrong, talented, determined (and a little bit crazy) women on January 13,2006. It was built with our own hands, heart and a whole lot help from our friends.   Now that we are 6 years old, we are realizing how much Eddies really means to us. It is our creation and our spirit...our community is our family, to be loved and cherished and supported. We love our small town and the hardworking folks that come to wash down the days dust with a cold beverage and a smile.

In these tough economic times, we cling to every bit of hope that shines down on us.
Thanks to all our friends, family, and fans of Eddies...we wouldnt be here without you.

it all started with a line in a song...

"close down big rock road
when it snowed..."
when you live on Big rock road,
it makes you listen,
when Brooke Pennock
is singing, it makes you
stand up and pay attention!
The song she wrote about "Eddie" talks about life,
and the important things that sometimes get
lost in the chaos of today’s world.

we want our Eddies to be the same; a place to hang
out with your friends, slow down and enjoy
life for awhile. A meetin’ place with character
and personality. so pull up a barstool, chill
out with a drink, fill up on great food, meet a
new friend....
we know you’ll be back!
And always remember and never forget...
"Everyone knows an Eddie."

Who the heck is Eddie?
Eddie was born in 1913 and lived all of his 82 years in Stillwater,
a small town just outside of Duvall, Washington.
Eddie was a high rigger for Crown Zellerback and spent his
entire life working in the woods.
During WW2, it was the government's requirement that
many of the loggers of this area stay home and
harvest the timber to build the war ships. Eddie felt
terrific pride in the thought that the trees he fell
would be used to build the ships that would fight
for this country.
He certainly was a simple man.
He loved the smell of the trees
and the sound of them falling.
He loved climbing the tallest in each section
and seeing how big his world was.
He loved to whistle and he loved strong whiskey!
He loved his wife, Petunia ("Pete") his dog Mickey,
and in his last years,
he loved each and every stray cat
that found their way to his porch.
Eddie and Pete had 2 children and wanted more.
Even into his late 70's, he would tease Pete,
and she
would blush, saying that
"We might get another one yet...we're still trying!"
They had the greatest of loves.
Pete died in 1990 and Eddie went to join her in 1995.
There is no doubt that they are together, hand in hand,
looking out over their big world,
where ever that might be.

Brooke Pennock
Eddies Family


Eddies Trackside Bar & Grill