How do I get a show?

Thanks so much for your interest in performing at Eddies! We are fortunate to have the finest local, regional and national talent grace our stage.  We feature an Blues Jam every 1st and 3rd Wendnesday; every 2nd and 4th Wednesday a Songwriters Showcase; Open Mike every Thursday at 8pm, and live bands every Friday and Saturday night. Bands typically play from 9pm-1am Friday nights and are geared more toward cover bands (classic rock, pop, blues, country, top 40 radio friendly hits; all genres are accepted.) Saturday music starts earlier, 8pm-Midnight and tend to be more open for all original or avante garde bands. Keep in mind we are a family friendly place, and in general, offensive/hateful or profane music wont be tolerated.

The best way to contact me about a show is to email me at: for bands and for singer/songwriters. Or you can contact my assistant and soundguy, Larry Walker at:

Another consideration is to come play our Open Mike on Thursday night.  Make sure you send me an email in advance so I can arrange my schedule to check it out.  

In your email, be sure to include important info like your website, or online press kit. There's alot of free services that bands can use, including, and  I do most of my research online for bands, and its alot cheaper for musicians to hand out a web address than hand out a CD.  I know, Im a musician too!

I prefer to do most communication with bands via email, as I wear many hats at Eddies. Sometimes Im the cook, sometimes Im the handygirl, sometimes Im the bartender...sometimes I just like to sit and hang out.  In any event, booking a show will ultimately be done via email since that's where I keep my calendar. (I learned this after losing several paper calenders, boy was that a mess...)

Don't be afraid to stop by and introduce yourself, its nice to put a face to a name. If I have time I'll be glad to chat.  Phone calls however, not so much. I rarely have time to talk on the phone and really, am not so inclined. Isn't that why texting was invented? So we could have instant communication without having to actually talk to one another? Now thats funny.

Anyway, thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing your music soon!

Wendy McDowell

p.s. if you want to hear my music, you can find me playing bass/singing at or and singing my own stuff on (search my name or my old band name, tin angel)


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